Monday, 9 April 2012


I haven't blogged in so long. I'm such a terrible blogger...but ah, well.
Here's an update on my unhealthy obsession with Arpakasso!(*´∀`*)
Here's my baby, Pablo. He's so darned soft. ehehehehee

Kiss for my pacca.

I also started making my Ririchiyo cosplay! Inu to Boku SS has really grown on me. When I read the manga a few years ago, I didn't like it. I think growing a bit older has allowed me to appreciate the manga. :'D For now, my Ririchiyo cosplay is on hold since I need to finish my Elise cosplay for Anime North. It's really creeping up on me!

I started with one alpaca and now my family has grown to be this large! ahahahahah!
From left to right, their names are...
Top row: Bijou, Mii-chan, Merry, Pablo, Mamma
Bottom row: Rimi, Federico, Junior.
Mama is so pleased with the alpaca fam jam! ‎(●´◡`●) It's so nice to roll into a wall of alpacas instead of the actual wall when I'm sleeping. Sometimes I wake up with an alpaca in my arms and giggle a little. It's marvelous.

Ah, but my obsession doesn't end there! It's not enough that I get to hug some alpacas, I need them to be inside me as well. I am forever one with alpaca. This alpaca curry tasted pretty good. I'll make it again when I have lots of time to kill!


  1. Alpaca dinner... XD
    Your alpaca pack looks adorable, and so do you! Show us pics of your cosplay when it's finished, yes? *3*

  2. Metal_Minish:
    thank youuu!! ; u ; b I will upload photos when I'm done for sure! :'D

  3. me want alpaca curry made by papa ヾ(^o^)/

    lol can't wait for your AN cosplays <3

    pffttt I have so many little alpaca bros now XDXD

  4. "It's not enough that I get to hug some alpacas, I need them to be inside me as well. I am forever one with alpaca."

    oh my god those lines you are going to be the death of me jesus christ

    1. hahaha xDDD
      oh dear, only after re-reading my comment do I finally realize how suggestive it is xD