Sunday, 20 November 2011

I'm not dead yet

...but I am close. ; u ; b
Art tornado tore through my room tonight.
I'm working on a project a day schedule.
It's pretty tough....but still manageable, haha. 
Hopefully I'll have more time for personal doodling when this semester ends in around two weeks. 

This was today's project: my diorama fufufu
I'm pretty beat, so I think I'll take nice pictures of this when I get it back from marking OTL

...and to end off, a picture of my bjd.
Haha, he doesn't really have a name yet. I'm still trying to decide.
...I take pictures of him and cut his hair when I'm procrastinating ; u ; b
A short post today just because I'm dying to do anything but work. LOL
Welp, back to still life T u T /writhes on floor