Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WIP: Digital painting is really really hard.

So I finally decided to try digital painting again after a year.
The last time I painted, I got really frustrated and took a break from my work. Unfortunately, I lost my tablet which discouraged me from doing any digital work altogether.

this painting started off as Kaito...but somehow he turned into Miku during the process.
... Maybe I should have started with glazing first instead of trying to do something I'm not used to.
T u T
...and now I'm getting a little frustrated again. 
how the heck do people paint hair?
Any tips? Any suggestions or insight is really appreciated.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Belated Post: Cosplay Picnic Hijinks

A short post today!
I'm really looking forward to the cosplay picnic at High Park on October 15th so I looked at old cosplay pictures to hype myself up even more!
I made a gif of my friends and I from the Toronto cosplay picnic on June 25th, 2011.
Maaaan, I really miss Glanse (who is cosplaying doctor Kaito). ; u ;
I started making my cosplay a week before (during exam week, no less), and it was hectic!
The picnic was lots of fun and I'm really glad to have made such great friends! It's hard to find people you can instantly click with, haha~

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Richmond Hill Cosplay Competition

I participated in a cosplay contest near the end of August. I'm cosplaying Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. Above is a picture from the 30 second photoshoot the York BBS organizers took for each of the contestants.
There were two parts: a performance based contest do be judged on the day of, and an online contest based on votes.
 People could comment and vote anonymously on contestants' profiles so the online portion was pretty nasty. Some contestants got some pretty rude comments about their costume, face, body etc...including myself! haha!
But, the contest on the day of was a great experience. I met a lot of cool cosplayers and had a lot of fun. Oh, and I placed third. fufufufu.
I still haven't gotten good shots of this cosplay yet, so I'll think I'll get that done at the Fall Hallows cosplay photoshoot. If you're in Toronto, or close by, you should come too! It'll be fun!

Lirica- etching

An etching I did during high school.
That's all. :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

matryoshka contour

Did a contour drawing when I got home from class today. Can you guess which one is me? Haha.
I'm pretty excited for all of the drawing I'm going to be doing at OCAD. I need a busy schedule to keep me motivated and to hone my abilities! Classes are pretty quiet and awkward because it's still the first week. Hopefully I'll meet some new friends who have similar interests ex. manga and cosplay /shot
; u ;

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sketchbook Dump (March-April 2011)

I finally decided to upload these sketches, haha. I should probably post my sketches in chronological order...but oh well. (´∀`)
Enjoy my circus themed sketchbook derp.

 ...and ending off with Meltdown Rin, haha. She was pretty fun to colour.
That's all. Thanks. (ノ◉ヮ◉)ノ〃┻━┻

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sketch Derp: Persona 3 I wish I brought my PS3 with me. fffff

I've finished moving into my apartment and ready for OCAD...
I'm feeling really homesick even though Markham is just an hour away, haha.
I'm between orientation and classes and now I wish I had something to do other than watch
 anime or do nothing (and then feel like shit). ಠ________ಠ 
wish I brought my PS3 here. fffffffff If I don't have friends downtown, I should at least have gaming.
I was flipping through my past sketchbooks when I found this and was reminded of how much I love Persona 3. T 益 T dang.
I love Pharos, he's so creepy. : D
Welp, that's all. Peace out.